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After an explosive emergence in to the horticultural lighting market in 2017, Illumenedge has already shown that it has even more to prove. Our goal is assuming the position as the top tier lighting agency in the industry specializing horticultural market. In order to do this, we ensure our service be the highest quality and exceed customer expectations. We uphold environmental awareness, cost effectiveness, and most importantly customer satisfaction.


Key Services Offered :

  • Deep rooted knowledged of commercial horticultural lighting. Success through refined, simplified, and calculated design. Illumenedge provides access to the absolute best lighting for your business.
  • We bring it to your door. From our industry experience, we offer the most productive and beneficial lighting product for your organization or business.
  • We ensure our customer service goes above and beyond. Our dedication to our designs, products, most importantly to our business, is unparalleled in the industry.

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World-class Engineering



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Power and Energy

Our line’s products have a wide array of functionality for horticultural needs. These range from leafy greens and micro-vegetables to our specialization of medical & commercial grade cannabis.


Complete photometric analysis to ensure exact recipe and proper concentration of light in 300 nm to 700 nm colour spectrum. Utilizing our global partners and their laboratories, and testing faciltiies, Illumenedge is able to provide a superior product above our competitors.

Effective Growth

Indoor agricultural lighting allows for your home or business to produce far more vegetation as having control over how powerful the light is as well as how much time exposed.

Cannabis Specialists

We have extensive experience in the Cannabis industry which merges with our team’s lifelong dedication to the lighting industry. Through this, we provide you the absolute best horticultural lighting solution.

Your Vision, Our Effort

Capable of any project from large proposals to residential applications, Illumenedge has what you need. Our experience in the lighting industry is extensive, ranging through all areas of lighting solutions.

Energy Savings

Our products range from traditional to cutting edge LED technologies. In our wide array of eco-friendly and energy saving products, Illumenedge is dedicated to ensure your project is energy efficient and cost effective. Our products qualify for many rebates and benefits offered by the Canadian government as well.

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