Who We Are & What We Do.



Formed in 2017, Illumenedge is comprised of a group of committed lighting industry experts with a passion for the horticultural market . With the goal of providing the absolute best product in the industry, we have partnered with some of the best lines throughout the world.

We specialize in lighting design.

We satisfy the requirements for full lighting solutions from pre-planning stages to design build, execution, and post-installation customer service. We utilize industry leading design software and our motivated experienced team to ensure a fully satisfying end product.

Our team has a wide array of specialized experience throughout the lighting industry including:

  • Horticultural lighting for leafy vegetables and commercial & medical-grade cannabis.
  • Large scale industrial or commercial spaces
  • Designer and High-End Architectural projects
  • Farm and Livestock lighting solutions
  • Street, Parking, and Areas
  • Security & Emergency
  • Custom designs and more


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Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada